Being an artist was my long-cherished and permanent dream since I experienced art in my elementary school. I have never dreamt of any other occupation than being an artist. My view of artist has been changed a little compare to my juvenile period.

In the past, I thought the only role of artist is creating the original works, however, now I believe the role of artist is not only drawing creative paintings but also delivering aesthetic value to the society.

Therefore I am very proud of myself as an artist. From now on, I will try my best on every position and every opportunity that I will face with my artist pride.

Thank you for listening.
by seonju, Jeong

Artist Statement

My art is inspired by the radiant energy of the universe around us. Drawing upon nature, confusion, and unconscious memories, the symbolism in my paintings is like poetry for the eye.

These symbols are rich in words and meaning-expressed through organic lines, divided spaces, and changing color tones. And much like poetry, the full meaning is kept under the surface. It is under the surface that we find the real truth, the permanent behind the temporary, that blinds our vision.

As the ‘something possibility’ the time I have chosen to spend on my work has been enriching and thus invaluable to me.


  • The Graduate School of Fine art, Hongik Univ(M.F.A) (홍익대학교 미술대학원 회화과졸업)
  • 2011 The Art Students League of New York finish the part of course

  • Solo Exhibition (개인전)

  • 2015 Cell-Containing the time, KBS Daegu gallery (Cell-시간을 담다. KBS대구총국갤러리, 대구)
  • 2013 The Voice of the Silence DMC Gallery (The Voice of the Silence,상암 DMC갤러리 ,상암동,서울)
  • 2013 The Voice of the Silence Zero Gallery (The Voice of the Silence,홈스테드 역삼점, 서울)
  • 2012 Korea Housing fair, Booth solo Exhibition (Korea Housing fair, 부스개인전, Coex C Hall)
  • 2012 G-fair Korea, Kintex, Ilsan (G-fair Korea, 일산, Kintex)
  • 2011 Organic form-Life Invitation Exhibition, Gallery Z:in square(지인스퀘어 갤러리 초대전,논현동,서울)
  • 2011 Organic form-Life, Insa artcenter (인사아트센터,인사동,서울)
  • 2010 Strange Rainbow, SPS Gallery, Seoul (남부지검 특별 초대전,SPS 갤러리,목동,서울)
  • 2009 Portrait of X&Y, Gaia Gallery (Gaia 갤러리,인사동,서울)
  • 2009 Jubilee O’Young Mind, Digital kepco plaza gallery (한전프라자 갤러리,서초동,서울)
  • 2008 X&Y Story, Ye-family gallery (예가족 갤러리,목동,서울)

  • Group Exhibition(단체전)

  • 2013 Seoul Auction‘Small masterpiece', horim art center 1F (서울옥션‘Small masterpiece'전, 호림아트센터1층)
  • 2013 Seoul Auction‘Small masterpiece', lotte gallery Busan (서울옥션‘Small masterpiece'전, 롯데갤러리 부산,광복점)

  • 2012 Seoul Auction‘Small masterpiece’전, lotte gallery Seoul, (서울옥션‘Small masterpiece’전, 롯데갤러리 서울,잠실점)
  • 2012 연우회 정기전(의정부 지방법원 고양지원)
  • 2012 ‘현대미술릴레이전’(평창동, 그림안갤러리)
  • 2012 World Art Festa, Qingdao, China (World Art Festa전, 중국, 청도출판 예술관)
  • 2012 대한민국젊은작가전(공평아트센터)
  • 2012 매체는 메시지다전(이형갤러리)
  • 2012 신진작가 온라인전(갤러리이레)
  • 2012 Seeing me전 (아람누리 도서관)
  • 2012 단원미술관 고별전(안산 단원미술관)
  • 2012 고양국제아트페어 현대미술전(일산,호수갤러리)

  • 2011 아트메트로 10주년 특별기획전(홍익대학교 현대미술관 HOMA)
  • 2011 인사동 문화축제전(타블로 갤러리)
  • 2011 Asian Watercolour's Seoul 2011(한전아트센터 갤러리)
  • 2011 United Gallery 초대전(강남)
  • 2011 Seeing me전 (마포평생학습관 전시관,마포)
  • 2011 Art Flash전(리버뷰 8번가, 천호동)
  • 2011 Personal Oasis전(스카이연 갤러리,인사동)
  • 2011 갤러리 타블로 이전개관기념전(갤러리 타블로,인사동)
  • 2011 Seoul art Basel exhibition, Basel, Swiss (서울아트바젤전, 스위스바젤시립M54,리스탈 Hanro Areal)

  • 2010 The Sprit Asia Beijing, Beijing, China (Sprit Asia 북경전, 중국 베이징 스콜라 아트센터)
  • 2010 그린 아우라 경향갤러리 기획초대전(경향갤러리,정동)
  • 2010 도솔갤러리 기획초대전(도솔갤러리,순천)
  • 2010 Pandora전 (백송갤러리,인사동)
  • 2010 대한민국 현대여성 미술대전 (안산단원미술관,안산)
  • 2010 seeing me전 (마포평생학습관 전시관,마포)
  • 2010 26인의 현대미술초대 아름다운 구속전 (SPS 갤러리,남부지방검찰청)

  • 2009 The Circular exhibition, Seoul/New York/Berlin (3개국 순회교류전, Gallery HO-서울, Hun Gallery-뉴욕, Gallery Artodrome-베를린)
  • 2009 대한민국 청년작가초대전 (한전프라자 갤러리,서초동)
  • 2009 29인의 미술작가 특별초대 아름다운 구속전 (SPS 갤러리,남부지방검찰청)
  • 2009 Art-I-Star전 (타블로갤러리,인사동)
  • 2009 예술과 마을 프로젝트 (공주, 원골)
  • 2009 대한민국미술대전 (서울시립미술관, 서소문동)
  • 2009 소리없는울림전 (세종문화회관,종로)
  • 2009 Seeing me전 (마포평생학습관 전시관,마포)

  • 2008 신사임당 미술대전 (강릉문화예술관,강릉)
  • 2008 대한민국 열린미술대전 (서울시립미술관, 서소문동)
  • 2008 서울미술대상전 (서울시립미술관,서소문동)
  • 2008 경인미술대전 (복사골 갤러리,부천)
  • 2008 대한민국 현대여성미술대전 (안산단월미술관,안산)
  • 2008 세계평화미술대전 (서울미술관,인사동)
  • 2008 봄바람전 (마포평생학습관 전시관,마포)
  • 2008 Autumn Sunshine전(갤러리 호, 서초동)
  • 2008 Seeing me전 (마포평생학습관 전시관,마포)

  • 2007 뉴욕&서울 순회교류전 (갤러리훈-뉴욕, 갤러리호-서울)
  • 2007 !+10전 (목멱갤러리,남산)

  • 2006 센프란시스코 한국현대미술전 (갤러리강)

  • 2005 몸으로 전하다 (인사갤러리,인사동) 센프란시스코)
  • 2005 한·일 현대회화교류전 (갤러리호,서초동)