[CICA museum] Art Teleported Brooklyn NY 2019
 작성자 : cica
작성일 : 2018-12-21     조회 : 2,105  

Why don’t we meet,
do something exciting anywhere?


Art Teleported Brooklyn NY 2019
The Art Show and Conference for Nomadic Artists

January 4-5, 2019
100 Bogart St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

“Culture for Fluidity”

Through Project Art Teleported, we aim to create a global network among nomadic artists, designers, audiences, and communities and promote culture of fluidity and flexibility. By understanding and appreciation of each other, we can make, share, appreciate, and live in art in any regions and cultures.


Rora Blue · Kris Casey · Eun Hyung Chung · Maria Dundakova · Cedric van Eenoo · Genesis Gonzalez · Steve Guynup · Suji Han · Rhys Himsworth · Jee Youn Hwang · Nayoung Jeong · Hyunsoo Kim · Zahra Komeylian · Eun Lee · Christina Ivelisse Morris · Ryohei Oba · Seungkyung Oh · Nitzan Satt · s/n · Cecilia Suhr · Rebecca Vickers · Fu Wenjun · Kyungjin Yoo · Kay Yoon & Jonas Wiel

Promo video: https://youtu.be/jrz5yhTVVlk