I am a contemporary artist who draws a sense of bond between people through abstract painting styles. As everyone knows, there are many forms of contemporary painting. All painters use their own painting techniques to voluntarily take on the role of pioneers who open up a new era. Therefore, there is a limit to classifying works that appear in various forms into a specific style, and it may be difficult to describe their characteristics using existing terms. In this flood of numerous forms and images, in order to express my inner self that can be distinguished, he is studying deep visual memories and thoughts in his subconscious, the source of his work.

My paintings are based on the visual memories of a mountain that was visible from the place where I grew up and played as child. At the entrance of the mountain there was a village shrine tree with colorful strings and many stones stacked up upon one another. Among the faded memories that are forever instilled in my mind are the residual images of that village shrine tree and the strings hanging from it. For me these strings are a metaphorical representation of the traumas I have experienced throughout my entire life. It is an undeniable shame that the sad and difficult moments in our lives are more memorable than the happy and joyful ones, however it was these difficulties that fueled my desire to paint. These moments from my past have now become faded memories, but nevertheless they are instilled within me and have made me who I am today. I truly believe that everyone loves and has sympathy for themselves, so they seem to prepare ways in which to get through tough times with their own willpower and capability. In this sense, every part of life is a precious moment. A good memory makes a precious bond, and that bond remains in one’s heart forever, creating memories that will last a lifetime. The reason why humans are distinguished from other creatures is because of 'memory'.




Longing for the cord, memory, and the relations

Kim Jong-geun (Art Critic)

"Hello, sorry for this late answer. It's an inaffable how to start whenever I try to say hello to you. After strong wind goes by, as the times slipped away, the autumn was gone. I decided to go outside and take pictures of yellow autumn leaves. Well, now that I actually went to outside, there was nothing except the faded drooping branches of the tree. During the night, once the splendidly colored trees are left only bare branches, the ocherous soil and the leaves with countless colors seem intertwined, and weaved cloth……." ( 4:47Am, Dec. 7, 2010, - in the part of pasting up letters in front of bed of ZhangXiaoGang, the best artist of China)

In this letter, it has something corresponding spirit with the artist, A Ryung's works. The same keyword is the obsessiveness and afterimage about unforgettable memories in the artist's mind. In the beginning of the works, started from strong impression of the shrine to the village deity surrounded by colorful bonds, on the hill playing around in her childhood. As ZhangXioGang achieved his own artworld, steadily painted the serious of (In & Out), studying about constant change of the memory, recalling nostalgia of the past. In addition, he described the longing in the figures's memory afflicted at the last memories in the series of (Memory & Oblivion). Although his artworks with philosophical knowledge and logical analysis as the theorist, the truthful source is the impression from the memories with unbearable sadness. So he said, "My artworks are the evidence of my life all melted in experiences. Life is an art, art is the life itself."

The artist, A Ryung's work also has the same keyword. She pursued her identity to the relation between life and death of human life, and started to build up her creative spirit her own artistic way. She tried to find the bond intertwined with people. She mentioned it as the cord. So the memory is not only the reason for expression of all art, but also the source, goal and the center of works. She tries to find the way how to express the memories from her inner mind. In the beginning of works, it was revealed the picture with colorful string and compositional arrangements as the scenery of the shrine to the village deity in her memory. Although that, the memory is only memory from non-existent image, nothing more than the afterimage. It was the accumulation of memories edited and purified the revealing and recalling image.

There are just different that ZhangXioGang painted it in the way of concrete image, on the other hand, A Ryung expressed it in the most abstract word and form. Also ZhangXioGang reveals us as familiar figure's expression and trace of face in the picture, A Ryung appeals to unfamiliar abstract world by the accumulation with concise lines. In the beginning step, she revealed her artistic sensitivity in its fullness through the contrast of exquisite primary colors of visible image. Lately, her works are getting more refined or simplified. When we are facing to the rhythmical lines in her artworks, we can realize that how suffer from the times to sublimate her memory through the refined and purified lines, harmonizing the minimal forms and the flows of line like patterns. It is irresistible to be attracted how to change the memory into the message of intellectual language. Surely, it could be the symbolic figures with spiritual and significant meaning of cord in her artworks. She confessed that she would express " the dynamic energy in the process related and connected with the life as the symbolic spirit or life and death of human. It shows how so dreadful to human and artists captured by the bond or life. The artist, A Ryung has been consistently investigating about the intellectual and plain colors in the relation of (You and I), to find out the way expressing abut these all questions of art will and the moment of anguish, rather than rely on only in the picture.

She consistently pursues to show us what is the art and where is the goal to harmonize between human and the world, to find her own creative way through unstructured forms and colors. Absolutely, it's still abstract and expressive. Sometimes, the afterimage of memory is like blooming flower splendidly beautiful and light, and sometimes it reveals an abstract landscape so calm, covered with fog cast countless knotted skeins. Therefore, these all things gather and usher into the absolutely abstract boundless horizon. Merely, it is not easy that we can completely sympathize in the gleams of memory. It seems that her artworks can be regarded as the mirror reflecting our unimaginable or irretraceable longing. Started from colorful various rightful cords, living thing of memory is blooming in the most intellectual thoughtful horizon, as it is the cords of relation. Closely looking, the cords are constantly overlapped and frequently intersected in a certain direction, occasionally, crossing by like meetness between people or like relations appear and disappear. As we can not completely understand about the artist's inner mind, also we can not hear all kinds of stories of her inner space. Although that, it can be seen far in the distance against splashes of wind, blew from the relation passing through the countless time and space in the past. In her artwork, as the constant flows of lines evoking the atmosphere of quiet, it solves a mantle of our memory in the picture. So it is like a scar, and a splendid medal overcoming the scratch wounded heart.

In summary, A Ryung's picture opens the way how to share the long story about life in her own visible language in the way of moderation and tranquility, with leaving room behind about the memory as intensely personal reason.

Looking back to her own chlidhood's memory, she said "the work of art evokes the process the afterimage becomes the rememory, started from the visible memory about the hill playing around in childhood, for instance, shrine to the village deity, and the colorful bonds." Actually, the artist, A Ryung would build up the space like home where our deeply sorrowful memory and longing can be rest and breathe. Therefore, it is the reason the cord inseparable from her can be a significant metaphor connecting her life with works of art.


profile about A Ryung

Graduate Seoul Institute of the Art, Dept. Application Art
M.F.A of Fine Art in Graduate Hongik Univ, Dept. Fine Art

Solo Exhibition
2020 Relation (Gallery Baum, Seoul, Korea)
2020 Relation (Gallery Soherdang, Seoul, Korea)
2019 Relation(ArtsKoCo Gallery, Luxembourg)
2019 Relation-www.singer.showtime.net (Myeongdong 8 Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2018 Relation(United Gallery,Seoul, Korea)
2017 Relation(Suppoment Gallery,Seoul, Korea)
2017 From Relation to memory(HIRA Gallery, Wonju, Korea)
2015 Spread Out(Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2014 A Lifeline(YangChun Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2014 A Lifeline(Out of Africa Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2011 A Lifeline(Gallery D-cube, Seoul, Korea)
2011 Relationship(INSA Art center, Seoul, Korea)
2010 Relationship(SPS gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2010 Whirling(D Chocolate Gallery, Seoul, Korea )
2009 Whirling(Hangaram Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2009 Recurrence Line(Tableau Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2007 Eternal Recurrence (La mer Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

Art fair
2020 KIAF Art Seoul 2020(COEX, Seoul, Korea) ▶COEX exhibition is canceled due to Corona 19 only online exhibition.
2020 Insadong culture festival & Asia Hotel Art Fair Seoul
2019 Seoul Art Show(COEX, Seoul, Korea)
2018 Seoul Art Show(COEX, Seoul, Korea)
2017 Seoul Art Show(COEX, Seoul, Korea)
2017 ART BUSAN(BEXCO, Busan, Korea)
2017 PLAS2017(COEX, Seoul, Korea)
2016 BAMA-Busan Annual Marker of Art(BEXCO, Busan, Korea)
2016 Art n Life Show(COEX, Seoul, Korea)
2016 COAF Creative Orange Art fair(Busan Port International Passenger Terminal Convention Center, Busan, Korea)
2015 Seoul Art Show(COEX, Seoul, Korea)
2015 Affordable Art Fair in Singapore(F1 Pir Building Singapore)
2015 Art n Life Show( aT Center, Seoul, Korea)
2013 Art Gwangju:13( kdj Center, Gwangju, Korea)
2013 Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong(HKCEC, HongKong)
2009 Seoul Contemporary Art-SCAF (Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

Group Exhibition
2020 Thinking Sensibly(GalleryH, Seoul, Korea)
2020 The Ullim Youth Painting Exhibition(Gallery GuGu, Seoul, korea)
2020 The BESETO Exhibition(Gallery Insaartplaza, Seoul, Korea)
2019 Korea Brand & Content EXPO(Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
2019 Inauguration of Bodyfriend, Co(Haussmann, Paris, France)
2019 The 24st~ Yang-chun Fine Arts Association(Yang-chun Art Hall, Seoul, Korea)
2019 Thinking Sensibly(GallaryH, Seoul, Korea)
2019 Seoul fine arts association Group(KEPCO Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
2019 ECOLE SEOUL N PARIS(gallary89, Paris, France)
2019 Beautiful Gift(United Gallery,Seoul, Korea)
2018 The 23st~ Yang-chun Fine Arts Association(Yang-chun Art Hall, Seoul, Korea)
2018 Contrast(Lydia Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2018 SUJAK Group Exhibition (Gana art space, Seoul, Korea)
2018 Thinking Sensibly(GallaryH, Seoul, Korea)
2018 All that relation(Gallary32, Seoul, Korea)
2018 Seoul fine arts association Group(KEPCO Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
2017 Korea Art Cheer Project( Sejong Culture Art Museum)
2017 The 22st~ Yang-chun Fine Arts Association(Yang-chun Art Hall, Seoul, Korea)
2017 Density(Lydia Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2017 Triple Cycle(Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, USA)
2017 ECOLE Group Exhibition(Gallery Baum, Seoul, Korea)
2017 Seoul fine arts association Group(KEPCO Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
2017 ARTKOREA LONDON 2017(Melia White House, London, UK)
2016 ECOLE Group Exhibition (KEPCO Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
2016 SUJAK Group Exhibition (Gana art space, Seoul, Korea)
2016 Nature+Human+Art Eoullim Exhibition, Pocheon, Korea)
2016 Fine art Cheonan21 Passion Group Exhibition(Cheonan, Korea)
2016 The 12st~ Seoul fine arts association Group Exhibition(Gangneung Museum of Art, Gangneung, Korea)
2016 YIAF The 6st~ Yeosu International Art Festival(Yeosu EXPO, Yeosu, Korea)
2016 Seoul fine arts association Group(KEPCO Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
2016 The 21st~ Yang-chun Fine Arts Association(Yang-chun Art Hall, Seoul, Korea)
2016 Art Beesang 2016 Group Exhibition(Dongdouk Art Hall, Seoul, Korea)
2015 ECOLE Group Exhibition (Insa art center, Seoul, Korea)
2015 SUJAK Group Exhibition (Gana art space, Seoul, Korea)
2014 Seoul fine arts association Group(KEPCO Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
2014 Seoul Mordern Art Show(Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
2014 Green Aura(Seongnam Art Center, Seongnam, Korea)
2013 The District-S(KEPCO Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
2013 Seoul fine arts association Group(KEPCO Art Center)
2012~2006 The 11st~ The 17st~ Yang-chun Fine Arts Association(Yang-chun Art Hall, Seoul, Korea)
2012 Seoul Mordern Art Show(aT Center, Seoul, Korea)
2012 Green Aura(Yi Hyung Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
2012 Summer Painting(Suppoment Gallery,Seoul, Korea)
2011 Personal Oasis Exhibition(Gallery Sky Yeon, Seoul, Korea)
2011 Sumi Art Group(Yangchun gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2011 Art metro(HOMA, Seoul, Korea)
2011 Green Aura(United gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2011 Korea Art Festival(SETEC, Seoul, Korea)
2011 Seoul Mordern Art Show(SeJong Center, Seoul, Korea)
2010 Spirit Asia(The Exhibition of Korea-China Art in Beijing, Scola Art Center, Beijing, China)
2010 Pandora(Baiksong gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2010 Green Aura(Kyung Hyang gallery,Seoul, Korea)
2009 C&C Art Group(Bunam gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2009 A Fragrance Exhibition Of Summer (Tableau Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2009 Art-I-Star (Tableau Gallery,Seoul, Korea)
2009 Grand Art Exhibition of Korea(Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2008~2007The 3st~~The 4st Kyung Hyang Fine Arts Exhibition(Kyung Hyang Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2008 The 22thExhibition by institute of Fine Arts & Design(Hongik Mordern Arts Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2008 China,Korea,Japan Contemporary Arts Exchange Exhibition (Art Museum-Academy of Arts& Design,Tsinghua University,Beijing,China)
2008 The 11st~IAEWP World Peace Art Exhibition(Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2008 The 12st~ Rha, Hye-Suk Grand Exhibition (Su-won Arts Center, Su-won, Korea)
2007 The 5st~ Seoul fine Arts Competition(Seoul City Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2007 The 5st~ Seoul fine Arts Competition-The First prize
2008~2007 The 3st~~The 4st Kyung Hyang Fine Arts Exhibition-Special Prize
2008 The 11st~IAEWP World Peace Art Exhibition-Special Prize

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A study about relationship between life and energy that occurred in 'Relationship '

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