All living things must move themselves from birth to death. Without moving, it is impossible for them to survive. My work is focused on the movement of living beings in nature, especially that of human, to express it by using a representative object in nature, the tree.




Focusing on Ahn, Sung-ock's “Alive” series

Kim Eun-Ji (Doctor of Philosophy/ Art History/ Professor of Hongik University College of Fine Arts)

The artist Ahn, Sung-ock began from the ontological symbolism of the tree of nature and focused on the finiteness of human life, the characteristics and values ​​of the finite life, the endless changes and movements that resulted from it. It provides a sense of direction and direction.' Sungok Ahn's "Tree-Life" In recent series, the works are characterized by long lines, as if visualizing changes and movements more ideologically, breaking away from the repetitive connection of short lines. It reveals the meaning of the nature of existence that cannot but change because it can live and move, and ultimately achieves a visual representation of the time of an unstoppable existence. To all those who have not appeared in the world with a free will, Ahn Seong-ok conveys in a unique formative language a reflection on the vitality of existence and the meaning and value of human internal will to live. Perhaps this is a visual attempt at another'axis of the world' that is not visible.


profile about Ahn, Sung Ock

M.F.A Graduated from Hongik University graduate school in Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibition 10times
Beloved Baby Gallery Cafe(2020)
Bonlove gallery(2018)
I love coffee gallery(2017)
Seum Artspace(2016)
Gana Art Center(2015)
Out of Africa gallery(2014)
Korea Exchange Bank(2014)
Ansan Arts Center(2012,2011)
Insa Art plaza(2008)

Invitation of outstanding Korean artist, Milano(present outstanding works)
Grand Art Exhibition of Korea(Selected)
Kyung Hyang fine Arts Exhibition (Special Selection)
Korea Woman Art Exhibition(Special Selection)
Grand Art Exhibition of Kyungki-Inchon(Selected)
Korea Pastel Art Association Contest(Selected)

Group Exhibition about 150 times
Villa Burba Cornaggia Medici, Milano, Italy(2018)
Affordabel Art Fair, Hong Kong, Singapaore(2018)
Int‘l Art Fair(KIAF, Galleries Art fairl, U.S.A,China, Hongkong, Gwangju, Seoul, Daegu)
Chennai Chamber Biennale(2017)(India)
Exhibition of Yeongdeungpo Fine Art Association(Seoul)
Korea Professional Artist Mall Festival(Seoul)
Exhibition of Saturday Artists Group(Seoul)
Korean contemporary Artists New York Exhibition(NY)
Pescarella, Mostra di Artisti Corean, (Italy)
韓中 現代美術의 友好展(China) and so on

Member of Korean Fine Arts Association
Yeongdeungpo Art Association

Teacher of Dongjak 50 Plus Center of Seoul, Homeplus culture center, Seiner Academy of Seoul Great Catholic Church

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