At the center of the 4th Industrial Revolution, where the physical, digital, and biological worlds converge and affect all areas of life, there is a content called 'Art'.

For us, contemporary art has a painful background of history with an inferior beginning. However, it absorbs and digests the world's art in a short time as much as the wisdom of the nation with a long history and develops contemporary art to produce amazing works.

As Korean art in the world is evaluated internationally, the competence and time have arrived. Nowadays, it can be said that it is a global citizen, and the interest in Korea is great, starting with K-POP. The time to stick to tradition and follow it is now colorless, and the gap between generations is widening and diverse. Korean artists are already active both individually and through galleries.

Published annually,'freedom' is an art book that sends Korean artists who have been active throughout the year to leading overseas planners, curators, magazines, and galleries. We are preparing to have an opportunity to showcase Korean culture and art abroad with artists who have been constantly introduced through'Freedom', and this exhibition is the basis for this exhibition.

The fact that Korean contemporary art is introduced as a group in the middle of overseas is exciting and overwhelming, but it is also true that the mind is heavy. The reflection and search that we may retreat from the time achieved by our ancestors, which have been brilliantly manifested, are heated with the thought that it is a task that we will prolong in the long history.

We plant a seed today along with the names that have blossomed countless times in the global art infrastructure. The practical will of 'freedom', which advocated the free will of art, is an art book, which is constantly expanding into exhibitions, blossoming and blooming all over the world, and holding each other with deep roots to make a strong expansion.

I sincerely thank and congratulate the artists who submitted the entries in unison.

Kim, Eun Sook (Company Director of Celsius/artcelsi)


Korean contemporary 136 artists who were active in 2018, participated.

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Kang, Goowon
Kang, Nam Gu
Kang, Myo Soo
Kang, Yoon Jung
Kang, Eun Hyung
Koh, Eun Joo
Koh, Jeong Soo
Koh, Hye Rim
Kwak, Na Hyang
Kwak, Dong Jun
Gu Gu Kim
Koo, Sang Hee
Kwon, Kwang Chil
Kwon, Si Sook
Gum, Sa Hong
Kim Kook
Kim, Dae Won
Kim, Doo Young
Kim, Myeong Ja
Kim, Sug Hwa
Kim, Seong Min
Kim, Sung Ok
Kim, Sung Hye
Kim, Sung Hee
Kim, Soo Yeon
Kim, Su Hyun
Kim, Si Yeong
Kim, Yeon Ju
Kim, Young Mi
Kim, Young Soo
Kim, Young Ja
Kim, Ok Soon
Kim, Yong Chul
Kim, Yu Jun
Kim, You Hong
Kim, Eun Sook
Kim, Eun Wook
Kim, Eel Kwon
Kim, Jung Hwan
Kim, Jung Hee
Kim, Jong Shu
Kim, Hana
Na, Kwang Sook
Na, Yoon Gu
Nam, Sang Woon
Nam, Joo Yeon
Moon, In Sang
Park, So Eun
Park, Yeen Woo
Park, Jae Young
Park, Jeong Gu
Park, Ju Bu
Park, Ji Man
Park, Ji Young
Byun, Sue Ok
Seo, Sook Yang
Suh, Jeong Min
Sung, Yeon Woong
So, Won Sub
Son, Eun Young
Song, Soo Ryun
Song, Yeun Kyu
Cindy Jung
Shin, Moon Yong
Shin, Sang Hee
Shin Cheol
Shin, Ho Jae
Shim, Yuna
Ahn, Sung Ock
An, Su Jin
Ahn, Yea Hwan
Yang, Haeung
Yeom, Ki Hyun
Oh, Jeong Gyo
Won, Young Su
Yoo Sung
Yoon, Young Hye
Yun, Yun Duck
Lee, Keun Bum
Lee, Ki Sook
Lee, Sang Goo
Lee, Sang Bok
Lee, Soon Bae
Ian Lee
Lee, Young Ki
Lee, Yoon Ryoung
Lee, Yun Jung
Lee, Eun Ju
Lee, Eun Hee
Lee, Ik Ryeol
Lee, Jae Eun
Lee, Jeong Won
Lee, Jeoungin
Lee, Jong Kyu
Lee, Jong Sub
Lee, Joo Hee
Lee, Ji Won
Lee, Chae An
Lee, Tae Soon
Lee, Hyun Mee
Lim, Dong Hun
Lim, So Hyung
Lim, Tae Kyoo
Lim, Hee Joong
Jang, Kyung Ki
Cecilia Jang
Spider Zhang
Jang, Hye Ja
Chun, Chang Woon
Jung, Moon Kyung
Cheong Mi
Jung, Young Hee
Jeang, Tchoongil
Jung, Hyun Dong
Cho, Kang Nam
Sam Cho
Cho, Soon Hyeon
Cho, Won Jeong
Cho, Hyun Ae
Ju, Mi Hee
Choi, Seo Eun
Choi, Sug Woo
Choi, Soon Ok
Choi, Yong Dae
Choi, Yu Hee
Choi, Yoona
Choi, Jang Chil
Choi, Hye Won
Khe Don Bek
Hong, Mi Ja
Hong, Chul Soon
Hwang, Myung Ra
Hwang, Yun Kyung
Hwang, Hyun Sook
Hwang, Hyun Hwa


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